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The headiness of spices, the complexity in flavours - food evokes a gamut of emotions and nostalgia. Nosh Up wish to create new memories for you. Be it a gathering of family and friends or time alone to gather your thoughts, let our passion incite your palates and senses.

At Nosh Up, we offer you a smorgasbord of flavours and taste using only the best of ingredients. For seafood lovers, try our speciality – traditional hot wood smoked salmon to perfection using aged old technique & mixed spices. Nothing comforts the heart more than piping hot pies with meat or vegetable fillings in a combo of mashed potatoes and puff pastries. If you are in a mood for some home-made bread, try the different varieties of sandwiches & bruschetta available made using fresh herbs and spices. Meat lovers can avail themselves to creative main courses and specially prepared meat and sauce drenched poultry.

Indulge your senses with specially crafted desserts of home-made ice creams made without preservatives & stabilizer & cakes. Accompany these desserts with our special coffee blend. We use a signature blend of Java & Brazilian 100% premium Arabica beans, carefully selected, meticulously blended and roasted by our coffee specialist J Kato. This special blend gives full-body texture and a hint of fruity aroma that will invoke a sensual beauty in the passionate coffee lovers’ palate.

Come to create more favourite memories together with us at Nosh Up!