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Farmers Street is a cafe that serves freshly farmed fruits, desserts & local cuisine. It was founded by a farmer named Pak Tu from Sekinchan. Sekinchan is a small agricultural town located in the north part of the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

This area is well-known for its high yielding rice and farming methods. It has a very fertile land, that makes all the fruits and vegetables farmed here very nutritious and rich.

The name Farmers Street is derived from how a group of like-minded farmers used to gathering in a street near their home after a hard day’s work, sharing and enjoying the fruit & vegetable produce they had farmed. Farming is Pak Tu's passion, and in later years, he even ventured into bird's nests farming.

Local visitors traveled all the way to Sekinchan to buy his produce because these fresh sweet and juicy fruits and natural bird's nest desserts were simply mouth-watering and good.

Now travel no more! Farmers Street cafe strives to bring carefully hand-picked fruits and to cook your favourite farmer's fresh food for your enjoyment.

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