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Serene Aesthetics was established by our CEO Ms Serene Lim, and opened its doors in 1991 with the first beauty salon in Kuala Lumpur aiming to offer professional beauty treatments and to help ladies to be beautiful and stay beautiful.

The main reason for our success and our raving clientele is the profound passion that we have for our work. Another reason is of course our profound commitment and innovation that is also reflected in our efforts in bringing in the latest beauty equipment and products from Europe, making us one of the top salons in the industry.

HYDRAFACIAL is the foundation of all healthy and radiant skin. This facial is a pain-free and time effective procedure combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously. It also help to minimize the pores and remove impurities from skin, leaving you with a soft, smooth and blemish free complexion. Try it out today at Serene Aesthetics (Lot L3-05, 3rd Floor, Jaya Shopping Centre).